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Andragogical Training

Cedefop Video Award

  24. January 2024.

SELFIE for Work-based Learning

  10. February 2021.

The 14th Lifelong Learning Week

  22. September 2020.

European Skills Index 2020

  14. July 2020.

In accordance with the Adult Education Act (OG 17/07, 107/07, 24/10) and the Act on the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education (OG 24/10), the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education conducts professional training of employees in the field of adult education. The teaching and learning process of adults differs significantly from the teaching and learning process of children, not only because of the age difference, but also because of other factors that significantly affect their learning process. When teaching adults, the student must be the subject of the educational process and the educational process should be directed towards the realization of individual needs that the andragogical worker should recognize. Recognizing these specifics, as well as the need to define the content and competencies that are necessary for andragogical staff, the Agency has taken a number of initiatives aimed at the professional development of employees in adult education.

A significant step forward in the last five years is certainly the Curriculum GlobALE programme. Educational programmes based on this programme aim to improve the professionalization of teachers in adult education, provide support to all providers of adult education and encourage the exchange of knowledge and mutual understanding among teachers in adult education.

Curriculum GlobALE ​​is based on the principles: competence-oriented, practice-oriented, learner-oriented and goal-oriented sustainability.

The contents of the professional development program include the following modules: Introduction to Adult Education, Adult Learning and Teaching, Communication and Group Dynamics in Adult Education, Methods of Adult Education and Planning, Organization and Evaluation in Adult Education.

Concerning forms of learning, the Curriculum GlobALE ​​includes phases of teaching within each module, individual learning within each module, as well as practical work where participants apply and reflect what is achieved within the actual work environment, while facilitators provide them with mentoring and guidance.

We should certainly highlight the development of the New model of professional development of VET teachers within the ESF project “Modernisation of VET teacher training system“, in which one module is aimed exclusively at strengthening andragogical competencies in order to train teachers to work with adult students. In addition, it is worth mentioning the International Andragogical Symposium, which the Agency organizes every year and gives everyone working in the field of adult education the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends in adult education and current policies in adult education at national and European level. The symposium is certainly an opportunity for participants to acquire new andragogical knowledge and skills, observe examples of good practices of other countries and thus raise the quality of the work they perform to an even higher level.

Recognizing the importance of cooperation and partnership between all stakeholders in adult education, adult education institutions, with the support of the Agency, organize and conduct professional development at the local level. The Agency issues a certificate of professional training to the participants of these trainings.

Conferences organized and conducted by the Agency in cooperation with communities/associations established in adult education make a great contribution to the professional information and training not only of its members, but also of all andragogical employees.

Furthermore, respecting the needs and problems faced by all stakeholders involved in adult education, the Agency organizes and conducts professional training at the regional level where participants are given opportunities for joint discussion and constructive proposals defining future guidelines for further development of system quality.