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EPALE – e-Platform for Adult Education in Europe



Following a direct call from the European Commission, the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education is performing the role of the National Support Service (NSS) for the EPALE platform in the Republic of Croatia for the fifth time. The project’s duration is 33 months. It has started on 1 April 2022 and will end on 31 December 2024. Total value of the project is EUR 266.632,00.

The main goal of the project is the promotion of the EPALE platform by means of reaching the wider adult education community in the Republic of Croatia in order to motivate its members to become active members of a multilingual, dynamic and interactive platform of the adult education community experts. The project’s target groups are providers of formal and non-formal adult education, teachers, scientists, journalists, public institutions representatives, etc.

The key activities of the project are the improvement of the platform by creating and translating a number of useful content, organization of promotional activities at various events and informing potential beneficiaries on the EPALE possibilities, active cooperation with partners and stakeholders at national and European level, and active communication with the Central Support Service (CSS). Through a series of promotional activities of the EPALE platform, the project strives to motivate as many professionals in adult education as possible to contribute to the development and maintenance of the platform by creating and publishing quality content and using it for professional development.

These activities are accompanied by the production of EPALE promotional films, two annual newsletters on the activities carried out, promotional materials and the promotion of EPALE on social networks and the like.

More about the platform: