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Implemented projects

Cedefop Video Award

  24. January 2024.

SELFIE for Work-based Learning

  10. February 2021.

The 14th Lifelong Learning Week

  22. September 2020.

European Skills Index 2020

  14. July 2020.

List of projects:


ESF 2014-2020

Providing personal teaching assistants and professional communication mediators to students with disabilities in primary and secondary education institutions – phase I and II

e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools (pilot project)

Promotion of Lifelong Learning

Supporting working with gifted children and students at the pre-tertiary level

Improving literacy – the foundation of lifelong learning

Program, professional and financial support for the education of children and students of Roma national minority


ESF 2007-2013

Providing assistants to students with disabilities in primary and secondary educational institutions

Modernization of school curricula in vocational schools in accordance with the Croatian Qualifications Framework and the needs of the labour market – phase II

Promotion of quality and improvement of the system of education at the secondary school level – grammar schools

Improving quality in higher education through the application of the Croatian Qualifications Framework

Capacity building of adult education institutions – phase II

Research scholarships for professional development of young researchers and postdoctoral fellows

Support to the work of the CROQF Sector Councils and other stakeholders in the CROQF implementation process

Capacity building for financing of higher education institutions programme



Access to Education and Employment for Students with Disabilities

Implementation of new curricula

Regional network of local learning institutions

Modernization of school curricula in VET schools in accordance with the changing needs of the labour market/economy

Further Development and Implementation of the Croatian Qualification Framework (CROQF)

Integration of disadvantaged groups into the regular education system

Strengthening of the capacities of the Agency for Vocational Education and Training