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The 11th International Andragogic Symposium

  Published: 2. February 2023.

The 11th International Andragogic Symposium


Agency for VET and Adult Education once again organised the 11th International Andragogic Symposium (22 February – 24 February 2020).

The symposium was organized as part of the ESF project “Promotion of Lifelong Learning Phase II, Element 2: Strengthening the Competencies of Educational Staff in Adult Education Institutions”.

This year’s symposium was focused on current topics related to adult education. Renowned adult education experts informed the participants about developments in the field of adult education, shared their practical experiences, and enabled participants to acquire new andragogic knowledge and skills to further enhance the adult education system.

The topics of this year’s symposium included:

  • external evaluation of adult education institutions as an important element of the quality assurance system in adult education,
  • implementation of new regulations in adult education,
  • development of qualification standards.

Following the introduction, given by the Agency’s director, Mr Mile Živčić  and the head of the Sector for Secondary Education and Adult Education at the Ministry of Science and Education, Mrs Ivana Pilko Čunčić this year’s symposium was officially opened.  Topic “Adult Education Model in Rural Areas – An example from France” was presented by director of the French Pedagogical and Resource Center Mr Philippe Ristord. Symposium participants also had the opportunity to hear plenary presentation held by Mrs Ivana Pilko Čunčić from the Ministry of Science and Education, discussing the implementation of new regulations in adult education. Director of  People’s Open University Varaždin, Mrs Lana Velimirović Vukalović gave a presentation on the topic of “Establishment of a Quality System from the Perspective of an Adult Education Institution”. Employees of the Agency for VET and Adult Education, Mr Ognjen Piljek Žiljak and Mrs Antonija Merdžan gave a lecture on “External Evaluation in Adult Education”, while Mr Mario Vučić and Mrs Dragica Kovčalija presented the topic “Application of Regulations on Standards and Norms for the Implementation of Adult Education Programs”.

During the last day of the symposium, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and gain new knowledge in workshops oe. The workshops were led by employees of the Agency for VET and Adult Education: Antonela Šimunović, Vanja Žižić, Ivan Šokić, Ana Knežević, Klaudija Mustapić, Dragica Kovčalija, Mateja Mandić, Dragana Štrkalj, Silvana Kotlar Dadić, and Vedrana Šimunić Rod.

We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for their participation and collaborative efforts!