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The 8th International Andragogic Symposium

  Published: 25. September 2020.

Cedefop Video Award

  24. January 2024.

SELFIE for Work-based Learning

  10. February 2021.

The 14th Lifelong Learning Week

  22. September 2020.

European Skills Index 2020

  14. July 2020.

The 8th International Andragogic Symposium


Agency for VET and Adult Education once again organised the VIII. International Andragogic Symposium (21 September – 23 September 2020), which was financed under the ESF project Development of a Quality Assurance System in Adult Education. The Symposium was held in hotels Olympia and Olympia Sky, in the town of Vodice. Renowned adult education experts informed the participants of their experiences, thus enabling them to attain new andragogic skills and knowledge.

We wish to thank the participants for their interest in this year’s Symposium and for following all necessary epidemiological protocols.

Following the introduction, given by the Agency’s director, Mr Mile Živčić and assistant to the Minister of Science and Education, Mr Momir Karin, the 14th Lifelong Learning week was officially open. ESF project Development of a Quality Assurance System in Adult Education was presented by Mr Ognjen Piljek Žiljak and Mrs Martina Pervan (Agency for VET and Adult Education). Assistant director for Adult Education Development, Mr Mario Vučić gave a presentation on the topic of Teaching in adult education during the COVID-19 epidemic (distance learning). This year’s Symposium was an opportunity to present new trends and actualities in this area, particularly regarding online educational environments and their implementation. Mrs Davorka Schmidt, Head of Section for Adult Education at the Ministry of Science and Education, gave a lecture on European policies in Adult Education.

With the aim of raising the quality of adult education, workshops for capacity building of target groups and decision-makers for the implementation of quality assurance in adult education were organised.

Workshop topics were: Distance and combined learning in adult education during the pandemic; Establishing the quality system in adult education and Presenting EPALE platform – possibilities for higher work quality in adult education institutions (best practice examples).

Despite the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Agency for VET and Adult Education continues to promote lifelong learning by traditionally organising the national educational campaign Lifelong Learning Week. This year’s, 14th Lifelong Learning Week will be held from 21 September to 05 October 2020. Just as previous years, citizens will be able to visit free workshops, lectures, round tables and similar events; a number of institutions will open their door and introduce potential students to their educational programmes. The largest part of these activities will be held online, whereas the ones held in person will respect the epidemiological guidelines.

One of the most important activities within this campaign is presenting the Dandelion of Knowledge award for accomplishments in adult education. This year’s winners – Sanja Tarczay, Mira Talaja and Miran Osuško – have been determined enough to achieve numerous positive changes in their lives.

Acknowledgements for contribution to the development of adult education were also presented. This winner of the Acknowledgment for the scientific contribution to the development of adult education is Professor Anita Zovko, Ph.D., while the winners of the Acknowledgments for the contribution to the development of adult education practice are Professors Eržbet Tomić and Franjo Galeković.

The news about the campaign can be found at the official website and Facebook page, where you can also find the photo gallery and the presentations given at the Symposium.