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WorldSkills Croatia 2023 competition

  Published: 16. May 2023.

WorldSkills Croatia 2023 competition


The Agency for VET and Adult Education has, from May 10th to May 12th 2023, organised the national VET student’s competition – WorldSkills Croatia 2023 at the Zagreb Fair. This is the largest educational event in Croatia and the largest vocational competition in this part of Europe.

The best VET students, supported by their mentors, were able to present their skills and competencies and demonstrate creative problem-solving in 46 disciplines. The goal of the competition was to demonstrate the talents and skills of vocational students, the quality of their teachers’ work, the excellence of vocational schools, and to raise visibility and highlight the importance of vocational education and training.

This unique event provided an excellent opportunity to connect education and the economy, as 42 partners supported the competition. The organization of the competition also involved the participation of 28 host schools from all over Croatia.

The competition was visited and thus supported, by the Minister of Science and Education, Radovan Fuchs, PhD.

Competition in numbers:

  • 3 days,
  • 6 pavilions at the Zagreb Fair,
  • 8 workshops by the Croatian Employment Service for primary school students,
  • 28 host schools,
  • 42 partners,
  • 46 disciplines,
  • 200 vocational schools,
  • 400 mentors,
  • 405 competitors,
  • over 1000 participants,
  • over 5000 visitors,
  • 16,000 m2 of fair space.

Why this event?

One of the challenges facing vocational education in Croatia is its lack of attractiveness and low prestige in society, particularly among parents and elementary school students. In many countries, as well as at the European level, the organization of vocational school student competitions is recognized as having the potential to promote visibility and enhance the appeal of vocational education and training as a desirable career choice. Through the organization of this event, the Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Education and numerous vocational schools, is working to raise awareness regarding vocational education and training among parents, elementary and high school students, as well as employers. This event also ensures the visibility of Croatian competitions at the international level, as evidenced by the participation of foreign competitors from 5 European countries in this year’s competition (Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Montenegro). Additionally, delegations and guests from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia also visited the competition.

This year was the fourth time that the Agency for VET and Adult Education organized such an event. You can find a short video from this year’s competition here: