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Instructions for conducting professional exams in the session October – December 2020

  Published: 15. September 2020.

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  22. September 2020.

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  14. July 2020.

Instructions for conducting professional exams in the session October – December 2020


Considering the epidemiological situation in Croatia, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in accordance with the Classroom precautions issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Agency for VET and Adult Education will organise professional examination in the session October – December 2020.

The examination is conducted according to the Guidelines for conducting professional exams of primary school teachers and expert associates, as well as high school teachers (Narodne novine, No. 88/03).

The exam consists of three parts: written, oral and mock lesson, and will be conducted as follows:

Mock lesson topic

The topic is determined by the trainee’s mentor, based on the dynamics and chosen model of work. The mentor follows and guides the trainee’s exam preparation.

Written part

The written part will be held at the school which employs the trainee. The president of the committee will email the school’s director three different examination topics, on the day of the exam. The mentor will supervise the examination procedure. If the trainee wasn’t appointed a mentor, the school’s director will appoint a person to sit the exam with the candidate. Such persons will be asked to sign a statement of ethics. The exam, the appointment of the mentor and the signed statement is then sent in .pdf, along with the application for the mock lesson, to the president of the committee, whereas the originals are sent by post to the Agency. The appointment form and the statement will be provided by the Agency.

Mock lesson

The second part of the exam, the mock lesson, will be held at the trainee’s school according to the Classroom precautions by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. The exam committee will follow the lesson via an online tool, and the mentor / appointed person will be present. The school is obliged to ensure the conditions for following the lesson. If the trainee passed both the written part and the mock lesson, the committee will conduct the oral examination via the online tool.

Oral part

The third part will be held by videoconference: the members of the committee will participate from their own workspace. The candidate will sit the exam at school and his mentor / appointed person will be present.

In cooperation with schools in which the exams will be held, the Agency will issue a Statement of conducting the professional exam, which will state the place / school and the schedule of the three parts of the exam, as well as additional instructions (login data for the videoconference tool, etc.), which will be sent at least ten days before the written part of the examination.

The school’s director is responsible for the organisation of the entire examination process.

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