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Training 4 Skills in Digital Environment (T4SVEN)

Agency for VET and Adult Education is the lead project partner for “Training 4 Skills in Digital Environment (T4SVEN)”. Project partners are: University of Patras (Greece), EVBB (Belgium), University of Cyprus (Cyprus) and Hellenic Open University (Greece). T4SVEN is financed from the Erasmus+ fund, under Key Activity 2: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness in the Field of VET, as a response to the challenges in education and training, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main goal of the project:

The main project goal is to support VET through a set of digital tools based on digital pedagogy, which would strengthen VET teacher’s competences for integrating digital technologies in their profession, thus improving the efficiency of their teaching and the quality of VET, including work-based learning (WBL).

The specific objectives are:

  • developing the concept of digital pedagogy with an emphasis on WBL, in the sectors directly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic – tourism, hospitality and transport
  • piloting an online course on digital pedagogy
  • piloting peer-review approach to evaluating the final course result among teachers
  • preparing VET training on methodic and pedagogic challenges in the transition to digital and combined learning environments
  • strengthening networking and international cooperation through partnerships among countries and different education levels
  • promoting openness, inclusiveness and innovation in VET.

The primary target group are VET teachers; however, school headmasters, mentors in companies (WBL), legislators, researchers and other stakeholders who will also benefit from the innovative practices introduced by this project.

The transnational dimension of this project encompasses the expertise of several nations and VET systems and enables mutual learning, particularly on digital pedagogy, which will span different countries, sectors and education systems, thus making the project transnational and transferrable to other countries.

Project grant :

EUR 257,945.00

Duration :

01 March 2021 – 30 September 2023

Social media:

Facebook – T4sven – Training 4 Skills in the Digital Environment