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2B – DIGITAL: Inclusive Digital Learning to Reduce Early Leavers in VET

The project is financed from the Erasmus+ fund, KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices: KA226 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness.

Project grant – EUR 192,077.00

Duration – 01 March 2021 – 28 February 2023 (24 months)


Lead partner:

  • Accion Contra el Hambre (ACH, Spain)


Project partners:

  • Bantani Education (BE, Belgium)
  • National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia (VISC, Latvia)
  • IBOX (Spain)
  • Agency for VET and Adult Education (AVETAE, Croatia)


Main objective:

Supporting VET teachers to offer completely online and digital itinerary that ensures the development of emotional and transversal competences of students at a risk of early dropout, in order to improve their involvement in the digital education system, labour market and society in general. The project aims to develop inclusive methodology, which will include representatives of different stakeholders, to be involved in all stages of project development.


Specific objectives:

  • Common framework of transversal competences linked to the digital ones, which are crucial for the involvement in education and labour market, in a digital society;
  • Digital toolset for developing transversal skills of VET students at a risk of early dropout;
  • Open MOOC for TVET teachers on holding the digital course;
  • Internet tool for assessing skills;
  • Methodology for identifying, developing and evaluating online transversal skills.


Target groups:

VET students and the educational community, such as: VET teachers, school administrators, experts on VET, mentors and companies, as well as students that face difficulties in continuing their education and are at a risk of high school dropout.


Webpage: HOME – 2BDigital 

Social media:

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