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Promotion of Lifelong Learning Phase II

The project Promotion of Lifelong Learning Phase II with a total value of 11,840,800.00 HRK (1,571,544.23 EUR), is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) within the framework of the Operational Program Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020 (OP EHR 2014-2020). The project is led by the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education (AVETAE) and was implemented from 2020 to 2023.

Purpose and Objectives of the Project

The purpose of the project is to address the issue of insufficient involvement of Croatian citizens in lifelong learning by raising awareness of the importance of lifelong learning. The goal is also to promote various opportunities for lifelong learning, expand existing activities, and introduce new ones to increase the participation and involvement of adults in lifelong learning processes. This approach aims to enhance the competitiveness of adults in the labor market and strengthen individual capacities for active participation in society.

Through a series of activities organized within the project, the competencies of educational staff from adult education institutions were also strengthened.

The project activities were organized within four elements:

  1. National campaign for the promotion of lifelong learning
  2. Strengthening the competencies of educational staff in adult education institutions
  3. Promotion and visibility
  4. Project management and administration

Here is an overview of the achieved project activities:

  • the visual-communication solution of the project was redesigned
  • established a Working Group to monitor the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Lifelong Learning Promotion in Croatia 2017-2021. Produced a publication on the results of monitoring the implementation of the Strategic Framework for the promotion of lifelong learning in Croatia 2017-2021 and improvements in the promotion of lifelong learning
  • conducted two study visits to France and Slovakia to review the best practices of the EU in the field of lifelong learning, with a special focus on activities and measures to promote lifelong learning in relevant institutions
  • held 3 professional-scientific conferences with a total of approximately 250 participants. Three publications were created after these conferences for further dissemination among educational staff from adult education institutions
  • developed communication materials for media campaigns promoting lifelong learning
  • implemented 3 media campaigns promoting lifelong learning.

These activities collectively aimed to enhance the promotion and visibility of lifelong learning, strengthen the competencies of educational staff, and engage a broader audience through various campaigns and initiatives.

Given that one of the project’s goals is to promote the importance and various opportunities for lifelong learning in the Republic of Croatia, the overall emphasis of the project was on promoting lifelong learning. Therefore, intensive campaigns and advertising were conducted throughout the project’s implementation in various types of media, including print media, electronic media, television, radio, the internet (advertisement through online ads and portals, social media, and advertising in public spaces).

Throughout all years of the project implementation, 8 regional coordinators were engaged to assist in the preparation, organization, and implementation of the Lifelong Learning Promotion campaign. This decentralization aimed to involve all regions and counties in Croatia in the project’s activities related to learning and education.

Here is an overview of the activities carried out within the 3 National Lifelong Learning Promotion campaigns:

  • 3 Opening Ceremonies for the Lifelong Learning Week were held (15th, 16th, and 17th Lifelong Learning Weeks) with a total of 336 participants
  • 3 Lifelong Learning Fairs were organized
  • 9 Knowledge Dandelion Awards were presented for achievements in adult learning, and 9 Awards for Contribution to the Development of Adult Education in Croatia. The Knowledge Dandelion Award has become one of the most important and recognizable components of the Lifelong Learning Promotion project. By highlighting personal examples of individuals who overcome life challenges through education in not always conducive environments, the aim is to motivate citizens to engage in some form of learning and education. Starting in 2017, the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education initiated the practice of awarding recognition for contributions to the development of adult education. This recognition aims to highlight, promote, and acknowledge individuals who have actively contributed to adult education in Croatia over the years, making a significant impact on a professional and scientific level
  • 41 adult education institutions were engaged in promoting lifelong learning at the regional level within the organization of a total of 62 workshops with 853 participants
  • 3 International Andragogical Symposia (IAS) were conducted, with a total of 497 participants, focusing on current topics related to adult education. Prominent experts in adult education at both the international and national levels informed symposium participants about innovations in the field of adult education, shared their practical experiences, and thus enabled them to acquire new andragogical knowledge and skills for the further improvement of the adult education system. Additionally, to enhance the quality of adult education, lectures and workshops were organized during each symposium to strengthen the capacities of targeted groups and decision-makers for implementing procedures to ensure and monitor the quality in the adult education system
  • 3 Summaries of the International Andragogical Symposia were produced and printed
  • 24 one-day events with andragogical themes were organized, with a total number of 482 participants.

With the aim of improving professionalism and encouraging knowledge exchange among teachers working in adult education, 4 cycles of andragogical workshops were conducted, involving a total of 100 participants/andragogical professionals (25 andragogical professionals per cycle). Across 4 training cycles held from March 2021 to January 2023, participants had access to free but rigorous and demanding education organized through five modules. The education was delivered through the Curriculum globALE program, covering five thematic core modules totaling eighteen working days, or 336 hours. The following topics were addressed: Approach to Adult Education, Planning, Organization, and Evaluation in Adult Education, Adult Learning and Teaching, Communication and Group Dynamics in Adult Education, and Methods of Adult Education.

Following the completion of the four cycles of andragogical workshops, participants conducted final projects/workshops. A total of 42 workshops were conducted, involving additional participants from adult education institutions and vocational high schools. This excellent dissemination undoubtedly added further value to the adult education system, with over 600 andragogical professionals participating in the final workshops.

Other key activities included:

  1. 3 ceremonies for awarding certificates to participants in andragogical workshops
  2. 3 three-day workshops for ASOO/MZO employees aimed at improving collaboration with other institutions in the field of education, ensuring involvement and knowledge sharing, and maximizing the use of project results
  3. the final project conference, presenting project results over the three-year implementation period, raising awareness among all citizens of Croatia, as well as decision-makers/stakeholders in the field of education, about the importance of lifelong learning.

The project concluded with the preparation of a final report.

More information about the project can be found at: