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Modernisation of the VET teacher training system

The project “Modernisation of the VET teacher training system “, which is carried out by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, is co-financed by the European Social Fund. The value of this project is a total of HRK 11 828 218.80, 85 % of which is co-financed from the European Social Fund and 15 % from national funds.

The project is funded under the Call for Proposals for Proposals to be funded as a direct allocation of funds under Priority Axis 3 “Education and Lifelong Learning”, Operational Program “Effective Human Resources” 2014-2020, published by the Ministry of Labour and pension system. The project is ongoing until end of March 2021.

The project will enable significant progress and development of an innovative, open and flexible system of professional development of vocational teachers based on researched needs, relevant content and modern methods of implementation, modern IT tools and solutions, wide network of experts, support and better opportunities for strengthening teacher competences. The project will thus raise the quality of teaching and, consequently, student achievements, as well as the capacity of teaching staff to implement reforms in vocational education.

The following results have been achieved during the project implementation:

  • A research was conducted on the needs for additional professional development of teachers of vocational subjects as well as economic trends in certain sectors, which successfully analysed the existing system of professional development of teachers of vocational subjects;
  • Based on the results of the research, the Working Group for the Development of the Concept of Professional Development developed the Concept of a new model of professional development of teachers of vocational subjects, according to which 306 teachers of vocational subjects were included in 2 cycles of professional development;
  • 23 professional development seminars were held;
  • Professional development seminars for teachers trainees have also started to be conducted according to the new model of professional development which prescribes 12 hours of guided education (the reason why the duration of meetings for teacher trainees has been extended to two days). So far, in order to strengthen the competences for taking professional exams, a total of 10 generic professional development seminars for teachers trainees have been conducted;
  • A web portal for support of professional development has been created and launched – the content is in development;
  • 6 Promotions were held;
  • Four events of the Days of Vocational Teachers were held, at which almost 1700 vocational teachers were trained, through more than 150 workshops.

In order to strengthen the connection between the Agency and institutions for vocational education and to improve the system of vocational education and training, three Conferences for principals of vocational schools were held.

Web site of the project: