Traning Firms Fair

Training Firms Fair is organised by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
Fair’s objective is to improve the quality of education in all VET schools which conduct Training Firms Programme by stimulating students to advancement, desire for independency, self-confirmation and use of theoretical knowledge through development of entrepreneurial ambitions, skills, competences, attitudes, friendship, understanding and cooperation between students and teachers.
All students from all VET schools participating in the programme have the right to participate at the Fair. Every school can have one representative per fair, on one stand there can be maximum of 3 students of one training firm. Every team is supervised by one teacher/mentor from school.
50 training firms from Croatia and 15 foreign firms can participate on the Fair (one school per school).
Participation right have firms which underwent the process of firms’ registration through SUVT, and in doing so entered the SUVT register.
During Fair, students will present their school, training firm, they will do business among themselves, get to know each others, and study the competition. This Fair gives opportunity to partner firms which give support and information for realistic operation of training firms to present themselves. Furthermore, during Fair, a round table for teachers and guests (representatives of institutions, industry, etc.) with actual topics from economy is organised.
Registration for participation on the Fair is conducted on-line by sending mail to Agency for Vocational Education and Training.
Within the framework of the ECO NET project, which is conducted by KulturKontakt Austria and k- education project offices in participating countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Croatia), national and international fairs of training firms are organised, as the platform for direct contacts.
Students and teachers participating at these fairs have the opportunity to contact and exchange experience with training firms from their country and abroad.
All information regarding these fairs and conditions for participation can be found on EO NET’s website-
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