What is a SUVT - Central Office for Training Firms?

Agency for Vocational Education and Training founded Central Office for Training Firms (SUVT) in order to promote and affirm entrepreneurial competences in all VET students in Croatia. Beside that, by founding SUVT, Agency supports development of all general and vocational competences of our students. At the same time, this is support to building of knowledge society, in which students, teachers and schools must have special place and meaning.
By working in a training firm, students learn how economic system of our country operates, and about roles of Commercial Court, Bureau of Statistics, Tax Department, banks, Pension Insurance Institute and Health Care Institute.
All these services are provided by SUVT, which simulates the reality and uses existent provisions, laws and documentation.
SUVT-by providing its services and creating the register of training firms in Croatia- promotes and coordinates their work in country and abroad. This office analyses training firms’ activities, publishes their results, and informs about legal documents important for work of legal entities in the Republic of Croatia.
Agency- within the Vocational Education Information System- developed an informational module SUVT as a support to all students from all VET schools in their work (and to each VET school) as potential owners of training firms when registering their firm, managing of firm’s work and potential closing of firms. This gives opportunity to perform on-line, from one place, all activities regarding registration of firms, registration of employees to pension insurance and health insurance, registration of money transfers and management of the overall work of your firm. SUVT is also a system for e-learning.
SUVT’s Task
By using the method Training Firms, to support contemporary, practical classes of economic subjects.
SUVT’s Vision
To conduct the concept of Training Firms in all VET schools in the Republic of Croatia; Training Firms as contemporary method of work is the starting point for acquirement of knowledge and skills and enhancement of entrepreneurial spirit in students; as educational method it serves for networked use of general and vocational knowledge which are necessary for students and is the driving force in schools for economy which will start changes in educational plans and programmes in line with the changes in the real world;
SUVT supports business behaviour which unites principles of ethical and economical behaviour and conciliates personal with general interests.
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