What is a Training Firm?

Programme Training firm is envisaged as adopting and establishing theory knowledge through concrete performance of work usually done in real organization. Programme Training firm has been running for 6-7 years in secondary economy schools, and gradually its implementation is starting in other educational programmes, such as commercialist programme.
Students learn how to actually start a company, how to manage all business communication and financial transactions, how to present product/service and keep accountant evidence of all changes that occur.
So, students became employees in the firm and conduct business via Internet between themselves, and with other firms. They advertise their products and services on Internet page (which they designed personally) as well as in virtual simulation of real-time business surroundings where they are helped by partner firms (real companies that provide necessary guidelines for conducting business). In doing so, school is connecting to economy and entrepreneurship, and students attending this programme during their 3rd and 4th year of education can easier and faster incorporate in real business world.
Students learn how economy of Croatia works (as well as international economy) with all required institutions. They develop creativity and professionalism in performing certain tasks, professional interest, communicativeness, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual tolerance and respect for diversity. Teacher becomes coordinator to student activity, because gradually they transfer tasks and responsibilities to students-employees.
More and more schools are getting involved in this programme, with around 74% of economy schools leading in Croatia. This method of learning is developed in Europe for almost 10 years, and more countries are accepting and upgrading it. Apart from Western Europe countries, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey etc. are already involved in this programme. Students have the opportunity to trade between themselves via internet, and by participating on fairs they have a chance to show their presentation skills. Once a year, Event-fair of TF is organized where students-employees can present their work and to conclude business as in real business fairs.
To train students for independent overcoming all work tasks and processes in business organization and to develop team work skills, presentation skills, responsible decision making, mutual respect and resolving differences in order to, through performing all work tasks, they can better understand market economy system and develop personal creativity important for stimulation of entrepreneurial spirit and interest for independent management and work performance in real business world.
To promote interconnection between theoretical educational contents by applying acquired knowledge on practical work tasks through which students-employees of TF will develop skills necessary for occupation of economist: establishing business organization; writing curriculum vitae and job interview, registering employee for pension and health insurance; making internet site; bookkeeping and accountancy; work in supply, sales and marketing department; business communication and etiquette; preparing and conducting business meetings; product/service policy (innovation development); responsible decision making, planning, organization and management of business in company and other organizations that the candidate will meet during his/hers practical life, on the work place – based on employers demands. To stimulate mutual cooperation and development of business and friendly contacts of students-employees in TF, that can in the future contribute to development of real business contacts and business cooperation and to develop successful business activity nationally and internationally. 
Develop capability for team work, expressing individual opinion, creativity, independence, entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, presentation, personal character and responsibility, co-working and living and better understanding of business situations in real business world (relationship between employees, and between employees and employer) and work professionalism. 
Stimulate student’s need for self confirmation, self-respect, self motivation, respect of moral values, mutual tolerance and cooperation, respect to diversity and lifelong learning.
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