Awareness-raising activities for potential adult learners regarding adult education programmes and regional networks established.
In component 4 the following two results are to be obtained:
  1. Potential adult learners familiarised with the adult education programmes on offer as well as with the established regional networks;
  2. Web-based information on AE available and regularly updated.
Component 4 of the project specifically addresses awareness of the possibilities in AE for potential adult learners. The activities of this Component will be related to the promotion of the AE programmes and regional networks established with the support of the related grant scheme and Component 1 of this operation but will not be limited only to them. Activities include awareness-raising activities to promote participation of potential adult learners in the adult education programmes and established networks.
Within this component specific support will be given to an upgrading of the website for Life-Long-Learning. The scope of the website will be widened and it will be updated with new materials and additional important links.
Other activities of this component will be related to further upgrading of this web page which will contain all information related to this project and the related grant scheme (results of analysis, Methodology information, list and information of the programmes etc.).
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