Assistance in dissemination on the Methodology for modernising existing and/or designing new short programmes.
In component 2 the following two results are to be obtained:
  1. Targeted assistance to the AVETAE in disseminating information on the methodology for modernizing existing and/or designing new short programmes carried out;
  2. Standards and instruments for monitoring and evaluation of the adult education programmes developed.
The second component of the project focuses on capacity building of the AE staff of the AVETAE. Under the first result to be achieved in this component first of all the guidelines for design of training and additional training programmes that is presently being used will be revised and extended. Close cooperation with other projects addressing development of curricula and/or programmes is needed in order to develop harmonised guidelines. Thereafter the AE staff of the AVETAE who will serve as help desk for the AE institutions will receive capacity building based on the guidelines.
The second result targets the improvement of the Monitoring and Evaluation system of the performance of the AE programmes. The first activity to be undertaken is an analysis of the present M&E system used for AE programmes in the AVETAE. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of the present one, a revised system will be developed. Also in this case cooperation with other support projects in the education sector is necessary in order to develop an M&E system, based on the same principles as M&E systems in other subsectors. The development of the improved M&E system will be followed by training of the AVETAE staff in applying the system.
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