Project team

Paul Roeders
Team Leader


Hon. Prof. Dr Paul Roeders has 38 years of professional experience in the education sector, from pre-school to adult education in formal and non formal systems. During his university career as educational researcher and head of department in the Netherlands he started to work in Adult Education in the form of Continuous Professional Development and Life-Long Learning as early as 1975. His fields of expertise include educational and social policy development, institutional and human resources development, planning and implementation of large reform processes in the education sector, and training for education staff. In these areas he is being involved as advisor to various Ministries of Education. One of his focal areas is the implementation of active learning and teaching approaches. He is an experienced team leader and programme manager and successfully participated in more than 15 large donor funded projects and programmes in transition countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Northern Cyprus, Turkey and various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. He was awarded the title of Honorary University Professor in Educational Sciences in tribute to the achievements in the nationwide Teacher Training Reform project in Peru. Through his additional experience as Programme Manager for Education and Training within one of the Delegations of the European Commission, he reinforced his expertise in the rules and regulations of EU funded projects.

Sergij Gabršček
Key Expert for Adult Education Programmes


Dr. Sergij Gabršček has been involved in many projects in and outside the region. One of his main areas of expertise is adult education, in issues like the development of national qualifications frameworks, development of adult education programmes, quality assurance and support systems, including institutional capacity building. He was involved in setting-up examination centres in Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Macedonia and Serbia, and Tajikistan. He carried out a number of research and development projects in Slovenia, and was awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholarship for research work in education at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, in 2003. He was working in a series of QA projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently he developed and implemented an instrument for assessment of primary school teachers development needs in Nigeria. Since 2003, he was involved in several projects in Croatia: CARDS VET project (sector and occupational analysis, competencies, standards, curriculum framework, assessment and quality assurance), a project on external evaluation and assessment system in Croatia, a project on social exclusion, a project on optimisation of school network. He was also involved in the preparation of the new Croatian National Educational Standards and on the new framework curriculum; he was a Team Leader of the CARDS project Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Andrijana Parić
Key Expert for Grant Scheme implementation

Andrijana Parić finished her university education as BA in Sociology and Philosophy (University of Zagreb) and as MA in Local development at the University of Trento. She has more than 10 years of professional experience as a researcher, consultant and trainer in the fields of EU funds management, Grant Scheme implementation, Regional and Socio-economic development, Human Resources Development, Education and Civil Society. She has participated in a number of major CARDS funded projects in Croatia, including: Institutional Capacity Building for Cross Border Cooperation (Implementation expert, responsible for Grant Schemes Management); Sustainable Development of War Affected Areas (Grant Assessor, Tourism and Civil Society Development); and Strategy and capacity building for Cross Border Cooperation (Grant Schemes Training delivery). She has ample experience in drafting training materials as well as in the delivery of trainings programmes in the framework o Grant Scheme implementation and management.

Santa Domijan Zviedre,
Project Assistant / Office Manager

Tel.: +385 1 6274 616
Santa Domijan Zviedre finished university education as MA in Management (University of Latvia, Riga), studied Croatian Language at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, participated in post-graduate courses in project cycle management, application of the rules and regulations of the practical guide for implementation of EU funded projects and communication, negotiation and presentation skills. She brought ample project and office management experience within previous international cooperation projects and other organisations into the team. Her specific expertise is in the area of event management, and corporate communications activities. Apart from running the office she specifically participates in activities related to dissemination of information within the project structure itself, as well as to the beneficiaries.
Orin Balenović
Translator and Office Assistant

E-mail: orin.balenović
Tel.: +385 1 6274 721

Orin Balenović has an MA in Journalism (University of Zagreb) and a Certificate in Advanced English. He brought his work experience in translation and office management gained in Canada and Croatia into the project. Apart from translating the many documents the project needs and produces, he assists the Office Manager in a diversity of tasks in project administration.
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