About the project

The IPA 2007-2009 “Regional Network of Local Learning Institutions” project is funded by the European Union Programme for Croatia under the IPA Component IV – Human Resources Development. It started 17 May 2010 and will be running for 22 months.
Its Main project partner is the Agency for Adult Education, now Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education. The Agency and the Project Team will work closely together on the implementation of the project.
The overall objective of the project is:
  • To create conditions for improvement of competitiveness of adult learners in the labour market in order to enhance their economic and social status.
The purposes of this contract are the following:
  • To improve key competencies and other competencies of adult learners, through modernization of existing and development of new short AE institution programmes, which will enable them to participate more actively in the labour market.
  • To increase regional networking among AE institutions for exchange and dissemination of programmes and to improve cooperation between AE institutions and relevant local partners to better meet the adult learners’ needs.
The project is part of the wider endeavour in Croatia to ensure continuous improvement of the education system. The project is designed to strengthen the capacity of the Adult Education (AE) system at national level with a special focus on a selected number of the ten most vulnerable counties. The activities are implemented within four components:
  1. Improvement of the capacity of adult education institutions in the ten selected counties;
  2. Assistance in disseminating information on the methodology for modernizing existing and/or designing new short AE programmes;
  3. Support for the implementation of the grant scheme (GS) operation “Regional Network of Local Learning Institutions”;
  4. Awareness-raising activities for potential adult learners regarding adult education programmes and regional networks established.
The first two components strongly build on the achievements of the CARDS 2004 Adult Learning project that finished in 2007. The project also closely cooperates with other IPA Component IV projects.
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