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E-Kvaliteta web-tool

E-Kvaliteta web-tool is being developed as a part of the project. Its purpose is to provide support in the implementation of the Croatian Quality Assurance Framework for VET. In the first phase of the development of e-Kvaliteta the idea was that this tool would provide support to VET providers in Croatia because it would enable them to directly write their self-assessment reports into the web-tool. 24 VET providers who took part in the pilot self-assessment process were the first ones to be trained for using this tool. During this event which took place on 4 October 2011 they had the opportunity to insert data from their paper or digital self-assessment reports into this on-line tool and they also saw which other functionalities the tool offers. At the moment these functionalities are the following: entering data into the on-line self-assessment report which has all the elements as the report in the published version of the Manual, generating a print version of the report and generating comparative graphs where providers can compare their performance with the average performance of all other providers.

On 11 October 2011 a training event was held for AVETAE employees where they had the chance to evaluate the web-tool and list all additional functionalities which this web-tool will contain in the future. In accordance with their requests e-Kvaliteta will be developed further, and all VET providers will be given access to the web-tool as soon as it is available.

The home page of e-Kvaliteta which is still under construction can be seen here.      
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