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Report on the Self-Assessment Pilot Process

The Self-Assessment Framework for VET was piloted under the project during the academic year 2010/2011. The framework is a criterion-referenced model, with criteria grouped into 6 “priority areas”. VET providers assessed their performance against quality criteria or “performance descriptors” identifying strengths and weaknesses. The outcomes of this process have been transferred into the annual self-assessment report and improvement plan.

Guidance material was produced for the pilot phase; and VET school principals, self-assessment coordinators, and external evaluators/monitors were trained in using the documentation. During the pilot period, which started in September 2010, VET providers evaluated the self-assessment process, as well as the documentation. 24 participating VET providers also received 6 pilot monitoring visits and 2 formal external evaluation visits.

The focus of the pilot period was priority area n° 2 (teaching & learning) from the Self-Assessment Framework; but VET providers also had to choose one other priority area. Self-Assessment coordinators and external evaluators/monitors were also trained in using an observation form, which contained a number of assessment criteria for the observation of teaching and learning. In the final self-assessment report VET providers identified their strengths and weaknesses in meeting the quality criteria of the two priority areas. This report was then validated by external evaluators/monitors. The pilot phase finished on 15 July 2011 when all VET provides had to send their report and improvement plan to AVETAE. 

Report on the Self-Assessment Pilot Process
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