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Self-assessment Manual for VET Providers published

From March 2010 to March 2012 the main project partner AVETAE, with the help of a European-funded IPA project “VET Quality Assurance Development”, designed, piloted, and revised a Self-Assessment Framework for VET.

One of the outcomes of the project is the Self-Assessment Manual, which describes a standard procedure for carrying out self-assessment in vocational education and training. Recommendations based on the experiences of the pilot phase have been taken into account in the revision of the Self-Assessment procedure. The Self-Assessment Manual thus presents a procedure which has passed the test of practical implementation and capitalises on the experiences gleaned from the piloting VET schools.
The Self-Assessment Manual was developed for use by VET providers; therefore, its focus is on a practical approach: it offers directly implementable guidelines for VET providers.

The Manual was published in September 2011 and the Agency for VET and AE held six training events at the beginning of 2011/12 academic year all around Croatia for school principals and self-assessment coordinators, and the representatives from each school were given two copies of the Manual. 

Self-Assessment Manual
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