Comprehensive Strengthening of Capacities of the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education


Final Visibility Event

The CB project project’s final visibility event was held at AVETAE premises on 23rd November 2011.  By agreement with the beneficiary, the approach was rather less formal and this represented an opportunity for all employees of the AVETAE and their guests to participate in this final visibility event.  These included representatives from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MoSES), Ministry of Economy and Labour (MoEL), the European Delegation, project teams of other EU projects currently implemented in the education sector).  We agreed that the event should be both “fun” and beneficial to the Agency and this was achieved in a number of ways.  Preparation for the event was shared between the “CB” project team and our AVETAE Project Manager, Jure Biloglav.

Registration for the event was followed by a presentation on the Project Achievements by the Director-General of AVETAE.  Human Dynamics’ Project Director then gave an overview of the project together with observations for the future.  

To encourage collaboration, participants were seated at round tables and, in order to engender maximum diversity within teams, following the presentations, participants were invited to move tables based on the colour of a card randomly inserted into their individual event programme packages.  As an “icebreaker”, a Quiz, which was contested between tables, followed; questions were centred around awareness about the European Union and knowledge of the content of project activities.

A participative exercise with a useful purpose and beneficial conclusion, “Table Cloths” allowed participants to write on the tablecloths of their respective tables with questions and projections about the coming 18-month period for the Agency.  Teams then rotated tables and members responded to the questions and predictions thereby providing a useful but light-hearted “brainstorming” session as part of the event.   On conclusion of this activity, our Master of Ceremonies”, Jure Biloglav reviewed some of the contributions, many of which would provide valuable input for the AVETAE’s management and the tablecloths were presented to the AVETAE on conclusion of the event.    

There followed a pictorial presentation “Capacity-building Project – the Movie” with a witty running commentary that depicted some of the project’s many activities including training events and study visits.  A pictorial overview of the Agency’s web-portal that includes an e-learning creation capability and a Human Resources module was then provided and this was followed by a question and answer session featuring the project team together with the Agency’s Director-General.

The meeting then adjourned and a fine lunch was taken preceded by some words of motivation and reminiscence from the Team Leader, Galia Bozhanova.  Once lunch had been concluded, participants were pleased to experience a personal visit from Father Christmas who handed out certificates of participation in the project together with presents for all.   Many participants expressed their approval of this novel approach to the visibility event and it was clear that the all those who participated took items of value from the proceedings and significantly, the Agency received valuable information, including questions, recommendations and suggestions for the future from a very large cross-section of the management and staff.

Photos from the final visibility event:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Project progress
Inception phase covering the period from the 7th June to the 30th September 2010 had been completed and Inception report was approved on the 11 November and serves as groundwork for the implementation of the project activities. In this period, based on legislation[1], the new institution of AVETAE came into being. The Inception report describes the activities which have been undertaken by the consultant during the first 13 weeks of the project as well as our interaction with the Main Project Partner - AVETAE - and other stakeholders, and gives an overview of the conclusions and recommendations for the structure for the remainder of the project. During the Inception phase, organisational management and effective working relationships development programme were established and preliminary actions for the institutional building of the beneficiary were begun. Aiming to assist the beneficiary in the process of the elaboration of the new institutional structure, the consultant has already started implementation of its consultancy in several project activities:
  • Preliminary research on the responsibilities, core roles and functions of the new Agency and ongoing consultation to the AVETAE management is being delivered; 
  • All the existing internal regulations, organisational structures of the former agencies and their Human Resources Management practices have begun to be reviewed;
  • An initial draft organisation structure (with alternatives) has been designed, with a rationale. The work on organisational structure is on-going with collaboration with the beneficiary’s management team. 
The main achievements from the inception phase are attached bellow:
Presentations from the Kick-off meting;
  • List of stakeholders met during the Inception period;
  • List of documents reviewed during the inception period
  • List of project Steering committee members;
  • Presentations from the 1st PSC meeting.

[1]Law on the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, adopted on 12/2/2010 and which came into force on 1/3/2010, Official Gazette 24/2010