Project Presentation “Strengthening Institutional Framework for the Development of the VET Occupational Standards/Qualifications & Curricula” IPA Component IV – Human Resources Development – European Union Programme for Croatia

   The ceremony of the project opening of the IPA Component IV project “Strengthening Institutional Framework for the Development of the VET Occupational Standards/Qualifications & Curricula” was held on Tuesday, 30 March 2010. The project is implemented by a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) led consortium, in partnership with GOPA and Fontys, and the Agency for Vocational Education and Training as the main project partner.
The total value of the project is 1,799,965 Euro. It is funded by the European Union Programme for Croatia, IPA Component IV - Human Resources Development. The project commenced on 27 January 2010, and its completion is scheduled for 27 January 2012.
  Around 60 invitees and representatives from various public and educational institutions, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia, industry representatives, as well as representatives of other related EU financed projects attended the opening ceremony. They were welcomed by Ms Vesna Hrvoj Šic, Director for Secondary Education within the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES), and Mr Ivan Šutalo, Director of the Agency for Vocational Education and Training (AVET).
On behalf of the consortium that implements the project the audience was addressed by Mr. Mike Hewett and Mr Eric Verin, and then followed presentations of the project team. Mr Nino Buić, Head of Section for Implementation of Projects within the Agency for Vocational Education and Training, and Mr Jurgen Weiss, Project Team Leader, presented the objectives and expected results and impacts of the project. Main activities and planned outcomes of the project were presented by other project team members – Mr Thierry Rosenzweig, the key expert for capacity building, and Mr Robert Checksfield, the key expert for development of qualifications and curricula.
The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Croatian VET system related to provision of qualifications and competences which are needed on the labour market and its adaptation to the permanently changing requirements of economy. New qualifications will make VET more attractive for learners, employers, teachers, and VET schools.
The purpose of the project is aimed at consolidating and improving the results of the VET Reform achieved by the support of the EU CARDS VET programme. This will be accomplished by:
·        Supporting the development of competence-oriented VET qualifications and curricula based on the needs of economy and learners themselves, and harmonised with the CROQF;
·        Providing access to best-practice examples and enabling VET specialists, practitioners and stakeholders to use them for the improvement of the Croatian VET system.
For more information, please contact:
Jürgen Weiss, Team Leader
Phone: +385 (0)1 62 74 683;
Branka Krizmanić, Office Manager
Phone: +385 (0)1 62 74 681,