Project Presentation “Regional network of local learning institutions” IPA Component IV – Human Resources Development – European Union Programme for Croatia

The ceremony of the project opening of the IPA Component IV project  “Regional network of local learning institutions”  was held on Wednesday, 30 June 2010. The project is implemented by a EEO Group S.A. led consortium, in partnership with the firms PM Group, DEVELOR, RAZBOR i SQA, and the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education as the main project partner.
The total value of the project is 1,468,750 Euro. It is funded by the European Union Programme for Croatia, IPA Component IV - Human Resources Development. The project commenced on 17 May 2010, and its completion is scheduled for March 2012.
Around 80 invitees and representatives from various public and educational institutions, Adult education institutions, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia, non-governmental organizations and media, as well as representatives of other related EU financed projects attended the opening ceremony. They were welcomed by Mr Mile Živčić, acting director of the Agency for Adult Education, who spoke about the role of the Agency as a beneficiary institution and emphasized the relevance of this project to the development of adult education system in Croatia. Conference was solemnly opened by Mr Želimir Janjić, State secretary for secondary education within the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES),  who gave a brief overview of the development of adult education system, referred to the role of the Agency in the education system and stressed the importance of national and European projects in adult education in the entire educational system.
The working part of the conference began with the presentation by Mr. Tihomir Žiljka from the Public Open University of Zagreb, who presented an example of good practice and experience of the Public Open University to participate in international projects, with special emphasis on project ‘’ which  was implemented in the CARDS 2003 Vocational Education and Training: Modernisation of VET schools.
On behalf of the consortium implementing the project Mr. Paul Roeders, Team Leader, addressed the audience. He referred to the object and purpose of the project and predicted results. The main activities of each component were presented by the project team, already mentioned Mr. Paul Roeders, Ms Päivi Korhonen, an expert in adult education programs, and Ms. Andrijana Paric, an expert for grant schemes. Project manager from the beneficiary institution, Ms. Maja Tomičić, in her presentation referred to the context of the project and briefly introduced related grant scheme as well as their interconnection.
The overall objective of the project “Regional network of local learning institutions”  is to create conditions for improvement of competitiveness of adult learners in the labour market in order to enhance their economic and social status. 
Expected project results are:
  •  Improvement of key and other competencies of adult learners through modernization of existing and development of new short AE programmes, enabling them to participate more actively in the labour market.
  • Setting up of a regional network through establishing and continuation of cooperation between AE institutions for programme exchange and through their cooperation with local partners, NGOs and other relevant partners, in order to encompass the needs of adult learners.
The aim of this project is to strengthen Adult Education Institutions in creating new short programmes and modernising existing ones to develop key and other competencies of adults and to promote lifelong learning.
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