How to get EU Funds

The Decentralised Implementation System for providing EU assistance to third countries has been established in the Republic of Croatia whereby management responsibilities in relationship to procurement and contracting have been transferred to the beneficiary countries. The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia carries out ex-ante controls in relation to procurement and contracting procedures, as well as additional ex-post controls over all processes resulting in the retention of full responsibility for execution of the EC General Budget.
Therefore, all tenders within the field of education, as well as tender results, are published on the website of the European Union, in the Official Journal of the European Union, as well as on the website of AVET DEFCO.
In each tender procedure, conditions for application have been determined; publication, procurement procedures, selection of the best offers, as well as contracting procedures are carried out pursuant to the procedures and regulations set out by the European Union. These rules are set out in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC External Actions (PRAG) which can be found on this website.
Alongside PRAG, the European Union has prescribed all necessary templates which the potential applicants, as well as the Implementing Body, are required to use during the entire procurement procedure.
In the framework of the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2009, the Republic of Croatia has at its disposal 45,031,769 EUR for financing projects under IPA Component IV; the total contribution from the European Union is 38,277,000 EUR. The financial allocation for Component IV of the IPA Programme is divided into priorities and measures as defined in the Operational Programme.
AVET DEFCO will carry out the tender and contracting procedures for projects within the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for Measure 2 under Priority Axis 2 – Reinforcing social inclusion and integration of people at a disadvantage; and for the entire Priority Axis 3 – Enhancing human capital and employability.
The types of contacts which will be published under these priorities and measures are:
• Service contracts
• Grant contracts
The service tender procedure is published to procure technical assistance in the form of studies and other intellectual services necessary for the implementation of specific projects.
The service procedure depends on the allocated funds for each project, as defined in PRAG.
The grant tender procedure is published with the intention of awarding donations (grants). Grants are payments of a non-commercial nature by the Implementing Body to a specific beneficiary for the implementation of an action (or part of an action) to help achieve an objective forming part of the European Union policy.  

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Annual Work Programme for Grants (AWPfG) is published on all the aforementioned websites; this AWPfG includes all calls for proposals which will be published within the given year. Furthermore, each individual call for proposals will be published on the aforementioned websites and in the Official Journal of the European Union, as well as in Croatian newspapers.
The Guidelines for Applicants which will also be published determine the following: objectives, eligibility of applicants, size of individual grants, co-financing rate, evaluation and selection of project proposals, as well as an indicative timeline for the procurement procedure.
All beneficiaries who receive EU funds must point out that the activities, services, goods and all other elements of the contract were financed through the IPA Programme. In that sense, they must follow the guidelines on visibility set out in the Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions.
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