International Cooperation and Projects

Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education is very active in the field of international cooperation and implementation of international projects. Through this work the Agency provides mechanisms of connection and achieves active cooperation with international educational institutions of the same profile, in order to improve and raise the quality of the national system of vocational education and adult education.

International cooperation

We are very active in the field of bilateral and European international cooperation. The European Union through the Copenhagen process emphasised VET as one of the main factors of economic development and social inclusion in the EU and to the vocational education is dedicated vast majority of European policies and activities. In recent years at the European level there are developed common strategies and instruments and the Agency is actively involved in their drafting, implementation and monitoring.

In addition, we cooperate with numerous international institutions in the field of VET. It is particularly active cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP). The Agency is the national reference center for the International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNESCO-UNEVOC).

More about our activities in the field of international cooperation can be found in a separate submenu - International cooperation.

International projects

Department for International Cooperation and Projects plans, programs, manages, implements or participates in the implementation and monitors the national, bilateral and international projects which are funded by the EU or other donors. Department prepares and maintains a complete project documentation, monitors and implements projects. With its work Department ensures cooperation and coordination of all relevant stakeholders (government bodies, project teams, European Commission, scientific institutions, partners and non-governmental organizations) and in the implementation includes other departments of the Agency. Department, as representative of the Agency, regularly participates in the development of national strategic documents, Operational Programmes and the priorities and measures within them.

Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, since 2006, is making great efforts in the planning, preparation and implementation of projects financed by EU funds and other donors. In this period, the Department for International Cooperation and Projects Agency created, prepared and successfully implemented projects with total value of more than 40 million euros.

Here you can download a list and brief summary of the projects which the Agency has prepared and implemented in the period from 2006 - 2015, and which were financed by the EU through various funds (CARDS, IPA, ESF).

All our projects were designed to support the reform of vocational education and training in the Republic of Croatia and the development of adult education system. They are designed in accordance with the strategic guidelines of the Copenhagen process on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education, the Strategy for the Development of Vocational Education in the Republic of Croatia 2008 - 2013, Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

We prepared and implemented two types of projects financed through various EU funds:
  • Projects of technical assistance (service contracts, framework contracts) that were designed to reinforce the capacities of the Agency and other stakeholders in the process of modernization of VET. Through them new approaches were designed, tools  were developed for designing of vocational qualifications and curricula aligned with labor market needs, data collection and cooperation with the labor market and the economy, quality assurance in vocational education, the development of adult education system, preparing schools for the use of EU structural funds, etc.
  • Grant schemes projects for VET schools and adult education institutions with the aim of "bottom-up" approach in the design and innovation for ensuring the acquisition of modern competence and access to the latest technologies, thus increasing the employability of their students and the relevance of their qualifications in the labor market. Adult education institutions have received support for modernization of their offer with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of adult learners in the labor market, mobility and active role in society.

All of the projects have had a strong component of the partnership with stakeholders at the local / regional level, primarily to employers. Most of the projects focused on or had the elements of linking education with labor market needs.

In a separate submenus you can find detailed information about all our projects:

• The European Social Fund
• Erasmus +
• Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)
• ReferNet Croatia
• CARDS and other projects
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