Sector Councils

Sector councils are bodies established by VET Act (Official Gazette No. 30/2009). Sector councils are composed of partners and have a roll as advisors and experts in expressing and presenting needs in labour market, higher education and numerous other integral elements of Croatian society through:
  • defining necessary vocational qualifications
  • analyzing existing and necessary competences within sectors and sub sectors
  • providing opinion to Agency concerning content of vocational qualification
  • developing contents of parts of vocational qualification standard
  • promoting sectors and possibility of employment within sectors
  • providing suggestions for curricula networks and institutions for vocational education, to founders of vocation education institutions
  • determining profiles within every particular education sector.
For each educational sector separate sector council is founded, and it can be comprised of sub sectors. sector councils are established by the Minister of science, education and sports and the Minister appoints and resolves its members.
Each sector council is comprised from maximum of 20 members, who are appointed for a period of five years with and option of reappointment. Members of sector councils are experts nominated by responsible ministries for each sector and with compliance of employer, from the ranks of employers, chambers, syndicates, professional associations, national unions of persons with disabilities, universities, vocational education institutions and other stakeholders. One member from responsible ministry for each particular sector is nominated in each sector council, and Minister of science, education and sports directly nominates representative from VET Agency and other representatives from associated institution for vocational education.
If authority of certain ministry cannot be determined for particular sector, member is nominated by ministry responsible for entrepreneurship. Means for the work of sector councils, fees to the members of sector councils and all other expenditure related to work of the sector councils are provided from VET Agency budget. 

List of Sector Councils:

Sector 1: Agriculture, food and veterinary
Sector 2: Forestry and wood processing
Sector 3: Geology, Mining, Oil and Chemical industries
Sector 4: Textile and Leather
Sector 5: Graphics Technology and Audio-visual design
Sector 6: Mechanical Engineering, Shipbuilding and Metallurgy
Sector 7: Electrotechnics and information technology
Sector 8: Construction and Geodesy
Sector 9: Economy, trade and business administration
Sector 10: Tourism and hospitality
Sector 11: Transport and logistics
Sector 12: Health and Social Care
Sector 13: Security services, personal and other services
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