Based on best practices of numerous countries on-line database for VET qualifications ''E_kvalifikacije'' was developed and it will is located on the Agency's web site.
This database is the Agency's tool and is primarily intended for working group members with purpose of having single location which provides view on so far developed  materials and to be able to download sections of VET occupational standard and qualifications from their own or other sectors it if fits their need.

Additionally, database will facilitate the Agency in easier coordination of working groups work and enable clear review of development of VET occupational standards and qualifications. Also, database has public part which will be accesible to everyone on the Agency web site, interested in developed VET occupational standards and qualifications. 

General information about database E-kvalifikacijeAgency for vocational education and training and adult education developed information system and database E-kvalifikacije, in scope of IPA project Strenghtening institutional framework for development of VET occupational standards, qualifications and curiculla, with the aim to provide public single location containing view of listed documents. Process of development was based on labour market needs, respectively economy, then education, students and is in line with development of Croatian qualification framework and other strategic documents from the ocational education area.
On-line database ''E-kvalifikcaije'' currently contains 13 developed qualifications with following components:
  • Occupational standards
  • Standards of qualifications with Units of Learning Outcomes
  • Curricula (Changes and amendments of educational plans and programs).
Qualifications are developed in 13 educational sectors (Decision on establishment of educational sectors in VET education, MoSES, December 14th 2007):
Sector 1: Agriculture, food and veterinary
Sector 2: Forestry and wood processing
Sector 3: Geology, Mining, Oil and Chemical industries
Sector 4: Textile and Leather
Sector 5: Graphics Technology and Audio-visual design
Sector 6: Mechanical Engineering, Shipbuilding and Metallurgy
Sector 7: Electrotechnics and information technology
Sector 8: Construction and Geodesy
Sector 9: Economy, trade and business administration
Sector 10: Tourism and hospitality
Sector 11: Transport and logistics
Sector 12: Health and Social Care
Sector 13: Security services, personal and other services
Working groups during two rounds actively used database in development of new qualifications, and took over parts of occupational standards and qualifications if it suited their needs. Best indicator of learning outcomes units transferability from one qualification to the other was taking over 18 learning outcome units from first round of development of qualifications. Currently database contains 777 learning outcomes units!
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