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Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education is a public institution, founded June 2010 by the Act on Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education. Since 1 of July 2010, Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education has been established and this Agency encompasses two agencies that stop existing in June 2010; Agency for Adult Education and Agency for Vocational Education and Training. Agency"s work is governed by this Act and the Vocational Education and Training Act and Audlt Education Act.
Accessible, flexible and permeable system of vocational education and adult education, based on competences in function of individual needs and society, supporting development of Croatian economy and higher employment.

Our mission is to make education the strongest root of personal growth and success. 

Strategic Goals:

  • Develop qualifications based on competences and learning outcomes
  • Continuous alignment of education with Labour Market Needs
  • Build VET system that enables lifelong learning and mobility
  • Define roles of teachers in learning outcomes oriented system
  • Establish quality assurance system.

Special emphasis is given to enhancement of system’s quality, and guidance and assessment of educational process according to measurable learning outcomes, that is according to what an individual knows, understands and is capable of doing at the end of the learning process, and in line with individual’s and society’s needs, economic development, higher employability and social inclusion. Reform and development of a modern VET system in Croatia is based on the Vocational Education and Training System Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia 2008-2013 and the Vocational Education and Training Act.

Among its main tasks, Agency develops new and modernises existing VET curricula based on VET qualifications, that is competences and learning outcomes, which reflect the needs of labour market and further education. Important role in the process of harmonisation of VET system with labour market needs have Sector Councils which encompass representatives of all partners and stakeholders in Vocational Education and Training.

Key role in VET have the teachers. So Agency gives a lot of attention to the professional development and training of VET teachers, through organisation and implementation of professional exams, implementation of procedures for their promotion, and organisation and implementation of professional trainings.
VET students make more that 70 % of entire high-school population in the Republic of Croatia. With the aim of promotion their competences, every year, Agency organises students" competitions on a national level in around 80 different vocational disciplines. Agency is official representative of Croatia in WorldSkills Europe organisation and sends national teams to EuroSkills competitions.
Agency implements numerous international projects which have the aim of development of the Croatian VET and Adult Education system and it gives opportunities and provides support to providers in their independent development and implementation of their projects.
Based on successful implementation of the first projects in the field of education, financed by the EU, the Government of the Republic of Croatia commissioned the Agency to have the role of the Implementing Body for Component IV of the IPA Programme. Today, Agency has an accredited Department for Financing and Contracting of EU programmes (ASOO DEFCO). ASOO DEFCO has the function of contracting and monitoring of projects" implementation in the field of education, defined by priorities and measures from the Multi-Annual Operational Programme „Development of Human Resources 2007-2011", and which will be financed by IPA resources.
We are extremely active in the area of bilateral and European international cooperation. In fact, ever since the Lisbon Declaration, and through the Copenhagen Process, the European Union has stressed the importance of VET as being one of the main factors for economic development and social inclusion in the EU. During last few years, on European level, there has been development of mutual strategies and instruments in the field of VET. Agency is actively participating in their development and implementation. Furthermore, we cooperate with numerous international institutions in the field of Vocational Education and Training. Cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) is especially active. Agency is also the National Reference Centre in the Republic of Croatia for the International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNESCO-UNEVOC).

Agency employees, as representatives of Croatia, through participation in conferences, workshops and seminars acitvely follow-up guidelines and proceses in Eu in the field of VEt and Adult Educaiton, such as:

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